Do zero point tickets still affect my auto insurance?


When calling for a quote on car insurance we always ask clients about their driving history, if they have any tickets or accidents. A common problem we face is hearing from a customer that they do not have any tickets on their driver’s abstract, so we give them an insurance quote for no convictions. However later on we run a report and find they have a couple minor convictions, things like minor speeding ticket, failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or being caught with a hand held device. These are all tickets that only have a fine associated with them, no points. Often times it is assumed that if a ticket did not have any points associated with it, it will not effect your insurance rate. This is not the case, no matter how minor the conviction, all tickets will have some sort of impact on your insurance.

The only tickets that have no effect on your insurance are parking tickets; every other ticket will show up on your driver’s abstract and therefore have some kind of effect on your insurance policy and rate. This does not mean one speeding ticket is going to cause a massive increase on your auto insurance rate, most often one minor conviction will have little to no impact on your rate, while 2 or more tickets in the past 3 years will begin to have an impact on your premium. Regardless of what you’ve been told, even by the officer who issued your ticket, even minor convictions need to be reported when asking for a quote. Otherwise you may find a higher premium being given to you when we are in the process of binding coverage once you’ve accepted the initial quote.

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