Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall Home Maintenance Home Tips

Fall is right around the corner, and, as the weather changes, it’s important to prepare your home and identify potential problems before they arise. Consider performing the following annual fall maintenance tasks to ensure your home is safe and ready for the months ahead: • Have your heating system cleaned and inspected by a qualified […]

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Protect Your Car from the Sun and Heat

Protect car from sun and heat

If you don’t take the proper precautions, the sun can severely damage key components of your vehicle. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the exterior of cars to reach 90◦ C when exposed to direct sunlight in the summer. This amount of heat can not only wreak havoc on your car’s finish but its interior […]

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Insuring a Second Home

If you’re looking to insure a vacation or second home, your insurance needs are unique. Dalton Timmis can help find a policy that works best for you. Protecting Your Home Away From Home If you’re investing in a second home, we’ve gathered some insurance basics that will help you make the best buying decision when […]

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Technology to Improve Home Security

Smart Home

As a homeowner, one of your top priorities is keeping your property and family safe from intruders. With the advent of smart homes and new technology, home security is easier and more affordable than ever. The following are some new technologies that can protect you and your loved ones from criminals: • Doorbell cameras—Doorbell cameras […]

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

D&O Insurance Canada

In the wake of unprecedented corporate scandals in recent years, clearly, the trend of corporate accountability applies to large corporations. But privately held companies, including non-profits, are not exempt from litigation arising out of the management decisions of their boards. They, too, are at risk. As an officer or director of your organization, you encounter […]

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Protection Required Against Cyber Bandits

Cyber security - The Grower - Glenda Johnston

Today’s computer hackers have an equal opportunity outlook. Whether the victim is male or female, big or small, it’s really not about high-profile names per se. Cyber attacks on companies such as Target, Sony and Canadian Tire have generated national headlines, raising awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime. Surprisingly, despite these significant security breaches, […]

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Ontario Beefs Up Their Penalties for Careless and Distracted Driving

Ontario Laws & Penalties for Distracted Driving

Ontario has set new rules and penalties to hammer down on careless and distracted driving with the objective of improving road safety for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists. Here’s what you need to know:   The Facts:   • On average, one person is killed on Ontario’s roads every 17 hours. In 2014, […]

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