There are some things you just can’t pin down in business. Like every time one of your vehicles hits the road, what happens next is largely out of your hands. Safe delivery or a smash? Injury or theft? Damage to your business? Worry less with Dalton Timmis Fleet Insurance. Business Auto Insurance

But there’s one important step you can take: Protect yourself against these risks with or Commercial Fleet Insurance from someone you know you can trust.

In Ancaster and across Ontario and Alberta, that means NFP. We’ve been looking after business owners for more than 80 years. And when it comes to Business Fleet Insurance, we’re the experts that an increasing numbers of clients have turned to for both value and service.

That’s because we don’t just grab an insurance policy off of the shelf. We get to know your business and the special risks you face; and we take time to customize a plan that’s exactly right for you. That means you don’t end up paying for protection you don’t need but you do have all the angles covered if things go wrong.

From a single commercial auto to a full-scale trucking business, our Fleet Auto Insurance experts know this business inside-and- out and know how to keep you moving. They also know how to secure great discounts by looking at options like deductible changes and can even advise you on which types of vehicles cost the least to insure.

Commercial Fleet Insurance Options

Our coverage plans are flexible too. In addition to standard liability and accident protection, options include:

  • Protection for drivers using their own vehicles for business.
  • Protection for leased or rented vehicles.
  • Protection against at-fault uninsured and under insured drivers.
  • Protection for high-value and refrigerated cargoes in transit.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Temporary vehicle replacement.
  • Coverage for off-road (e.g. construction site) vehicles.

That’s not all. We can provide specialist Business Fleet Insurance that protects your finances if your business is disrupted because of transportation issues. We can even help you identify and manage the particular risks your organization faces, so you keep running smoothly, while knowing how to react if things go wrong. Want some more information? Feel free to give us a call, or browse through our Research Centre for some more information.

Ontario Fleet Auto Insurance Expertise

Nobody expects to have an accident. In fact, that is precisely why they are called “accidents” and not “on purposes”, however at NFP we recognize that accidents do happen, and things do go wrong, but you can rest assured that we can help and support you with your claim and help identify options to get you back in business as quickly as possible. In other words, we go the extra mile. When you come to us for your Business Fleet Insurance, you’re getting a partner to help you take care of this critical element of your business.

So, even if you already have coverage for your company’s vehicles, maybe you should be talking to us about how we may be able to service your insurance portfolio better than you are current experiencing.

NFP, Your Fleet Auto Insurance Specialists

You’ve worked hard to build your business and it’s fleet. Let our experts help you ensure proper coverage and proper pricing.

Here are two reasons to get started right now!

  1. There is no time better than now to make sure you are getting the best insurance package at the most affordable pricing.
  2. A few minutes of your time can give you access to multiple insurance options from competitive insurance companies who are anxious to work with your business.

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