When you buy an exotic car, there’s no substitute for expertise and depth of knowledge. The same goes for high value auto insurance.

In both cases, without that expertise, you could end up overpaying or buying a dud that’ll let you down and leave you smarting. High value car insurance is a specialist market and, just like you wouldn’t go to any old shop for repairs and service, you shouldn’t put your exotic auto insurance needs into the hands of a non-expert.

Exotic Car Insurance Experts

So, if you own or are thinking of buying one of these vehicles, you should be speaking to the exotic car insurance professionals in Ancaster and across Ontario and Alberta — NFP.

Our high value auto insurance program is custom-designed for your make and model of vehicle, with a range of mileage plans, liability protections and both stated amount or agreed value exotic car insurance protection.

We can also secure valuable discounts on your high value car insurance, based on your driving record, multiple policy ownership and the level of deductible you select.

All this means you won’t pay more than you need to for your high value vehicle insurance.

Your High Value Car Insurance Questions Answered

What’s more, if you have issues or question about exotic auto insurance, you’ll be speaking to experts who know what you’re talking about.

Dalton Timmis have been providing insurance solutions in Alberta and Ontario for more than 80 years. Today we’re the trusted name owners turn to for their high value vehicle insurance and the customer service to back it up.

And if you ever have to make a claim on your exotic car insurance, your NFP team will be there to help.

With so much to gain, find out more now by completing our no-obligation, no-hassle exotic auto insurance Free Quote Request. We feel the same way about high value vehicle insurance as you do about your car: we care, deeply.

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