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We are Ontario’s only insurance broker for Classic and Vintage motorcycles! We offer quality classic motorcycle insurance products at affordable premiums. NFP offers experience and expertise when protecting your vintage motorcycle with quality classic motorcycle insurance.

Ontario Classic Motorcycle Insurance

Our Ontario classic motorcycle insurance is designed to insure those motorcycles over 30 years of age that have limited pleasure usage. It is a “Stand Alone” Package policy that insures your motorcycle for Liability and Physical Damage┬ácoverage’s. If you are insuring more than one Classic motorcycle, you will find that your premiums decrease with each additional motorcycle that is added to your policy.

Requirements for Classic Motorcycle Insurance

There are requirements and restrictions that are involved with this program. Current appraisals (up to 2 yrs) will be needed for all motorcycles insured through this program. Appraisal must be completed by a certified, independent appraiser. NFP will not accept appraisals from the Ministry of Transportation.

  • Policy is written on a valued form (19A) The coverage is for twelve (12) months
  • Temporary Coverage
  • Special discounts for owners of more than one vehicle
  • Special discounts for higher deductibles
  • Coverage available for Canadian Residents only
  • Coverage applies in both Canada and the US
  • Fast professional claims service
  • No depreciation on partial losses

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