Lower your deductibles and protect against downtime costs. NFP offers special protection to cover you in the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown.

NFP, leaders in transportation protection, introduces specialized insurance to keep you rolling. In partnership with Northbridge Insurance Company, we offer owner/operators and transportation companies a package to protect you should you have an accident or major mechanical breakdown that would result in significant expenses and loss of income due to downtime.

Your livelihood depends on your vehicle. Talk to us if you are exposed to:

  • Downtime or loss of use of your vehicle
  • High deductibles
  • Claims related out-of-pocket expenses
  • Towing charges

NFP: Comprehensive coverage for the transportation industry

  • Deductible Buydown (including US not at fault)
  • Accident Downtime
  • Write-off Protection
  • Cargo Protection
  • Emergency Accident & Towing Services
  • Major Mechanical Breakdown Services
  • Legal Advice Services
  • Driver Replacement & Family Visitation Services
  • Wheel Detachment Reimbursement
  • Vehicle Impoundment Assistance
  • Detainment Protection
  • Vehicle Impoundment Assistance

If you have a claim, one toll-free call is all it takes to get prompt, courteous action.

NFP: Your Transportation Insurance Specialists

NFP is a leader in transportation insurance. Our team includes experts who have worked in the transportation industry. They add tremendous value to your business by bringing insurance intelligence – ways of managing risk that come from our understanding of both transportation and insurance. We have researched the marketplace and developed a comprehensive transportation insurance product line-up to match each client’s unique needs.

Our client base dates back to 1918. Over the past nine decades, NFP has constantly improved the ability to fit the right products to our clients’ needs. It’s why we’re the prefect fit for your business. Our management team is hands-on, and our staff of more than 90 highly enthusiastic and committed insurance professionals make it their business to ensure our service is never outperformed.

Our specialized products for the transportation industry include:

  • Commercial Fleet Insurance, including Long-haul & Local Cartage
  • Package Policies including Cargo, Office, Warehouse & Property
  • Competitive owner/operator rates with quick turn-around
  • Transportation Bonds
  • In-House Fleet Safety & Risk Management Services
  • A Variety of Financing Options
  • In-House Claims Coordination

Facts About Northbridge Insurance

Northbridge Insurance™ (consisting of Commonwealth Insurance Company, Markel Insurance Company of Canada, Lombard General Insurance Company of Canada and Lombard Insurance Company) is a leader focused on innovative commercial, personal and specialty insurance solutions that are created with the customer in mind. Working in close collaboration with their broker partners, they first aim to understand, and then deliver tailored solutions that create greater value for our customer and their business.

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