Truck Safety & Compliance


Could This Be Your Corner Piece Of The Puzzle?

Although driver shortages have been on the forefront of people’s minds for several years now as a “crisis” in the transportation industry, NFP has recognized the other “near crisis” involving Safety & Compliance. There is a growing shortage of administrative staff who can truly understand “Professional Drivers” and evaluate the risks associated with them. “To Retain, We Must Maintain and Understand.”

As a leader in transportation insurance, NFP has seen first-hand practices that work, and those that do not. We have seen safety personnel doubt their abilities and find them to be exceeding standards; we have seen fleets believing they are on the leading-edge of safety, yet fail a facility audit. Allow our expertise in risk management effectively manage your Safety & Compliance Department.

Value-Added Services

  • Initial analysis of operating authorities and future trends
  • Ongoing analysis of operating authorities with trend analysis
  • Mock facility audits
  • Assistance in organizing driver meetings developed with your requirements
  • Our commitment to assist your drivers in being the most professional operators in the industry
  • Driver qualification processes
  • Objective analysis of problematic drivers and the potential impact on the fleet insurance policy
  • Involvement in an accident committee
  • Customized driver bulletins of topics of interest to the fleet
  • Quarterly management transportation newsletter

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